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May 14, 2012

Palestine,tomorrow you'll be free :)

My current picture shows a prisoner.
Brown is the color of clothing enforced by the Israeli prison service on the Palestinian prisoners.
The logo on the right means "Shabas" and it is an abbreviation for the Israeli Prison Service.

The purpose of changing this DP is just to spread the awareness about our brother and sister being prisoned in Israel and currently on Hunger Strike.

Changing this DP cannot help them at all but one thing for sure is people will notice about what happen and perhaps all muslims can give their doa for them. That will change something.

Semoga ALLAH memberikan mereka kekuatan Jihad Fisabilillah...Trima kasih atas perhatian :D
Semoga kita semua mendapat ganjaran disisi ALLAH...Insya-ALLAH !!

guide us to the straight path,ameen :)

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