cuba klik sikit ;]

May 20, 2015

punca masalah.

AKU ke?

aku ke sbb semua ni jadi?serious aku ke?dah tua dan masuk U pun aku kena deal dgn benda remeh-remeh dan bodoh mcm ni aku rasa mcm sengal tahu tak.

it makes me regret,being nice, apologizing when I didn't even do anything wrong, and make unworthy people (read: them) a priority in my makes me sick.

padahal they dont even care about me,walau aku berusaha mana pun,there's still mistakes everywhere, so I decided to play along with this game.

and I found out, it makes me happy, because I don't really have to deal with people.

"kau kalau takda apa nak cakap,baik kau diam.kau cakap pun menyakitkan hati org"
"wei kenapa kau diam je lately,kau okay tak?"

I dont get your point,I'm sorry.

if only,I could reset my mind.

p/s: i'm not turning into an animal, I'm just be the one that you asked for: Stranger.
guide us to the straight path,ameen :)